Free Sites To Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online

“Wanna watch a movie…?”  these four words are enough to lift up our mood and day and energize our mind, body and soul. Let’s be real.. we all like, no not like love movies. Watching movies with friends or family at theatres is fun and enjoyable but sometimes we want to watch and enjoy movies in the vicinity of our home, sitting on whether our favorite couch or bed with our favorite drinks and snacks in hand while devouring every second of the movie. So, today we are going to share the list of Top 10 Best Free Sites To Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online 2018.

With the advent of internet now-a-days, it has been a dream come true for the people who like to enjoy movies at home.  Internet now-a-days is flooding with a lot of websites that allow us to enjoy movies for free not only on our desktops or laptops but also on our mobile phones or tabs. We can watch them either online or we can download them and then watch them offline anytime, anywhere and how many times we want to watch them. Some of these websites that offer us this luxury are Netflix, Amazon prime video etc. But they all require subscription and thus, require us to pay money which is not such a great idea for all of us.

But don’t worry, there are also quite a lot of Unblocked Movies Sites that allow us to watch our favorite movies for free.  So I am going to tell you some of these websites that allows you to watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online for free at the luxury of our own time and place are-:

10 Best Free Sites To Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online 2018 :

·    The Internet  Archive :

The Internet Archive is one of the top movies downloading websites. It is a hub for not only movies but for music and book lovers as well. Here you can download hundreds of movies for free easily. The movie links are available in the form of torrent links which can be downloaded without spending even a single penny. The movies are added almost every day in this growing archive.

·   Youtube :

Free Sites To Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online

Although youtube is one of our favorite and mostly used app on our mobile phones and desktop  not all of us are aware of this fact but youtube also allows us to watch some movies for free.  So next time you want to watch movie, check it on youtube and if it is available for free, stream it and enjoy. Example- Paramount  Vault channel offers a lot of free movies.

·   Open Culture :

Born in the year 2006, Open Culture consists of 6 sections – Movies, Language lessons, E-books,

Online courses, textbooks and audio books. Movie section collection is fantastic. Try to explore this website as well.

·   PopcornFlix :

Free Sites To Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online

PopcornFlix is owned and managed by Screen Media Venture. This site contains not only thousands of movies but TV Shows as well. So if you are the one who loves not only movies but TV Shows as well, then this website is going to be a treat for you guys not only on PCs but on other supported devices as well.

·   Vimeo :

Free Sites To Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online

Vimeo also contains excellent collection of free movies. What is most the most  attractive feature of website is its simple and easy layout. So, go and try this one out also.

·  Crackle :

Crackle is also a website where we can watch free movies and it is owned by Sony which makes it more preferable choice for you to browse and stream movies. You will have to sign up first and after that you can watch your favorite movies  and after that based on your history you will also get recommendations as well and  for free as long as you are willing to watch the ads sometimes. But overall it’s a great free movie watching website.

·  Hulu :Free Sites To Watch Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online

Hulu is one of the most famous one in the field of websites that offers free movies to viewers.

It works with some of the major networks so you can stream movies and TV shows for free. If you want you can also buy  Hulu plus account.

·   Snag Films :

Snag Films entered this platform in 2008 year. If you are a fan of independent movies then this website is for you. It brings the independent movies into limelight. It also allows users to watch them in 720 or 1080 quality. You can also watch National geographic  videos here as well.

·   GOStream. IS :

GOStream is also a great website .  It looks like Google with a single big search bar right in the middle of the page. If you know the name of the movie you want to watch you can simply type its name in the search bar and if you don’t know then you can go and explore its media library and then select the one you want to watch. It is not available on play store as it does not have a mobile app.

·    Bmovies :

Apart from the free movies, Bmovies also has a large collection of animes,  cartoons and TV shows. So if you are an anime lover then  this is like a heaven for you. The movies are uploaded here almost every day so you can watch a new movie almost every day. While searching you can also apply many filters like quality, country, genre etc. There is a download option as well so you  can download movies  from here as  well so you can enjoy the movies anywhere and anytime easily even if you don’t have internet connection at that time.

So, go and find your favorite website for watching free Hollywood and Bollywood Movies Online and if I left any more website or if you know some more websites that you use for watching free movies do let me know in the comment section below.


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