How To Solve Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue In PUBG Mobile

PUBG Mobile! Well, I don’t think this game need any more introduction and if you are here then there is denial that you have played this game and that’s why you are here to find out the solution.

But, what if you mistakenly landed here! Then i must say go and play this game and get addicted to this. Before that let me give you a slight idea about this game.

PUBG Mobile is an acronym of PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNS Mobile. PUBG Mobile is developed and hosted by Tencent Games. It is an battle royale game. In this you can team up with your friend’s or even you can play without them or with unknown team member’s and with whom you can team up later.

Later, you were taken up in a aircraft to an deserted island and made to jump out of the aircraft. You can choose your desired location where you wanna land. Now the thing you have to do is to find the weapons and ammo and shoot the enemies. The one thing you need to care about is the safe zone.

Always be in this safe zone to prevent your self being knocked out behind the safe zone. Drive cars, bikes, boats to reach early in the safe zone and knock others. And never miss those Air Drops that provide with some special weapons and gears. If you get addicted then please don’t blame because i am addicted too.

How To Solve Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue In PUBG Mobile :

How To Solve Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue In PUBG Mobile

Now, the question is why we get higher ping or matchmaking issue, this issue is mainly faced by Jio user’s in India. Which is an network issue, so let’s find out some ways to solve out this issue.

1. By using VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN is an acronym for Virtual Private Network. As the name suggest’s VPN is used to create a private network. So that your ISP cannot trace what are you accessing through your network.

The work of VPN is to encrypt the data and provide it to your ISP, by doing this no one gets the idea of what you have accessed. Not only this VPN many other features so that your data can be secured well.

So, when you use VPN it let you connect to better service provider and hence you get good connection and hence there are very less chances of Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue’s.

2. By Connecting your device with Wifi

If you connect your device with the Wifi Network then you will not be facing Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue In PUBG Mobile. As now your connection will be through wifi so, it will does not matter what type of mobile network you are using.

So, if you don’t want to get Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue make use of your wifi. But also make sure that you must be having best Wifi Router and Best Wifi Antenna.

3. By Connecting To A Different Server In The Game

You can also reduce the chances of Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue In PUBG Mobile by connecting/changing the servers of the game.

You can do this by clicking on the upper left corner on the right of the start button, there will be a web icon. Just click on the that icon and select the server which is showing lowest ping.

Hence, you can enjoy your game without facing Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue.

4. Un-install The Game ?

well the last option with which we are left out is just uninstall the game. But wait it’s not the end after that re-install the game and hope that the game will run without any issue.

So, these all were the solution’s for the Higher Ping/Matchmaking Issue In PUBG Mobile. Please do let us know whether these method’s worked for you and if not then which worked.


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